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JA No. : 5878
 Name *G/Shekinah/K3
 Gender Female
 Age 29
 Marital Status Married Couple
 Hobby Travelling
 Major subject English Language
 Minor subject Spanish
 Information On Your College or University -Name : Swansea University
-Location : City(Swansea) Country(United Kingdom)
 Teaching Certificate
(if you have)
 Degree You Have 4-Year BA/BS, MA/MS Doctorate
 Nationality UK
 Date Of Starting Work 2023.Feb.13
 Desired Locations Medium City
 Desired Pay Per Month Not specified
 Type Of Housing Desired Couple
 Saturday Work Impossible
 Desired Teaching Levels Kindergarten, Elementary school, Middle School, High School, College Students/Adults
 Teaching Experience Teaching at a Further Education institute called IEN in South Korea, taught me problem-solving skills. In my role, I was responsible for providing students with the knowledge, understanding, capabilities, and skills needed for higher education in the UK. As many schools in South Korea often take an authoritarian approach to teaching, the IEN institute aimed to provide a safe learning environment where students could share their opinions and ideas. I wanted to facilitate learning rather than dictating because it encourages students to exercise their research skills and share information in groups. For example, I taught courses on strategies for academic success where students learned how to develop their academic skills through peer interaction and group discussions. One of these skills was note-take during lectures, a fundamental skill for university. I used PowerPoint slides to show different note-taking styles and had students discuss the advantages and disadvantages of other note-taking techniques. I also taught lessons on cultural awareness to broaden student experience, fostering a sense of diversity and inclusion in the classroom. Discussing cultural differences between the UK and South Korea gave students a starting point for discussion, especially among quieter students. This experience allowed me to develop problem-solving skills as I assessed what lessons worked and fostered a trusting relationship with classmates.

I also had the fortune of working at a High School where I saw the skills needed to be a responsible teacher, and one of those skills was leadership. My leadership skills have developed from taking responsibility for managing the classroom and catering to the needs of each student. However, these responsibilities often come with challenges, especially when students do not have the language ability. I managed twenty-five students for each class and led small group activities on public speaking and debating topics, both were intense subjects to teach. I initially assumed that students would have some basic level of English since many had several years of experience learning English. Students had great difficulty expressing their thoughts in sentences, and many were reluctant to participate. This situation posed a great challenge for me, but I overcame this barrier by providing enough time for students to brainstorm about a topic. I first suggested concepts and themes related to the subject to show that the teacher was also part of the discussion. Then, I had them share their thoughts and opinions in groups before writing their answers on the whiteboard. These experiences helped me gain the confidence I needed, and I believe it would be helpful to teach a group of students in Korea.

These three years of teaching general and academic English in East Asia helped me self-reflect as a teacher. My philosophy of education is to ensure teachers help students realize that making mistakes creates a path for learning and coping with failures as a success is crucial. I want to provide a safe learning environment where students can freely express their opinions and take risks. Students with different English proficiency levels are more personally involved if they are not constantly assessed or concerned with language errors. Providing a space for learning without constant criticism allows students to work on their skills and take risks. Students might remember what they have learned in class when they are relaxed.
 Explain About Your Personality Outside of my office, I am an avid reader who loves to read about anything related to engineering, particularly aerospace and energy engineering. I also really like weightlifting and running. I work well under pressure to remain calm and focused, creating a positive and trustworthy image for a potential school in Korea.


Telephone Number:

▶ (IN Korea)
- Mobile : 010.7189.2071,

- Office : 070.4897.2071

▶ (Outside of Korea)
- Mobile : +82. 10.7189.2071 
            +82. 10.2215.2071
- Office : +82. 70.4897.2071

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