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JA No. : 4230
 Name *VR/Patrick /경력: 한국9년/F6
 Gender Male
 Age 41
 Marital Status Other
 Hobby HIking and baseball
 Major subject Masters in TESOL; Bachelor's in Materials Science and Engineering
 Minor subject
 Information On Your College or University -Name : University of Kansas; University of Wisconsin-Madison
-Location : City(Lawrence) State(KS) Country(USA)
 Teaching Certificate
(if you have)
 Degree You Have MA/MS Doctorate
 Nationality USA
 Date Of Starting Work 2020.Feb.01
 Desired Locations Big City(Incheon, Ilsan, Siheung, Ansan, Bucheon, Uiwang, Anyang, Gwanak-gu, Gangnam-gu)
 Desired Pay Per Month Not specified
 Type Of Housing Desired I have my own housing
 Saturday Work Possible
 Desired Teaching Levels Elementary school, Middle School, High School, College Students/Adults
 Teaching Experience Yes, I have taught ESL for about nine years in Korea to students of a wide range of ability -- from kindergarten to adults. Most recently, I worked for this summer at Kyeonghwa Girls School at a teaching practicum. I also have experience in elementary schools and hagwons. Finally, I have also tutored privately for four years, teaching mostly reading and writing to students returning from studying abroad.
 Explain About Your Personality Outgoing, energetic, passionate, hardworking and prepared. I am big believer in relationships with students being critical to success in the classroom.


Telephone Number:

▶ (IN Korea)
- Mobile : 010.7189.2071,

- Office : 070.4897.2071

▶ (Outside of Korea)
- Mobile : +82. 10.7189.2071 
            +82. 10.2215.2071
- Office : +82. 70.4897.2071

E-mail Address :
Andrew Wilson
January, 2012
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David Case
September, 2011
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