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JA No. : 3940
 Name @VE/Stephanie/경력: 한국티칭 많음
 Gender Female
 Age 38
 Marital Status Single
 Hobby Art
 Major subject Design
 Minor subject
 Information On Your College or University -Name : Liverpool Hope University
-Location : City(Liverpool) Country(UK)
 Teaching Certificate
(if you have)
 Degree You Have 3-Year BA/BS
 Nationality UK
 Date Of Starting Work 2019.Jul.01
 Desired Locations Big City(Busan)
 Desired Pay Per Month Not specified
 Type Of Housing Desired Housing Allowance
 Saturday Work Impossible
 Desired Teaching Levels Elementary school, Middle School, High School
 Teaching Experience Self-employed English Tutor for students at Pukyung University. Busan.

English Teacher at Sungnam Elementary Public School. Busan.

ESL teacher at KJC Hogwon. Busan.

ESL Teacher at English First language school. Indonesia.

Teaching Assistant and Support Worker for Teaching Personnel.UK

ESL Teacher at YBM ECC Hogwon. Seoul.

Teaching Assistant at Atlas Primary School. UK

Guest Teacher at the British International school of Bahrain.Manama, Bahrain
 Explain About Your Personality My two main passions are Art and Travel.

I am extremely creative. My college studies were Art/Design & Craft and my Degree is in Design. I paint digitally & on canvas, draw, design surface patterns and make jewellery.

I have travelled since I was a child and have had the great fortune and pleasure of seeing places like Paris, Luxembourg, Dubai, Hong name but a few.

My personality can be described as gentle, thoughtful, affectionate and honest.

Physically, I am extremely fit and healthy, for someone of my age, because I am so active. I run, swim and take long walks almost everyday. I also eat 'Super Foods' (anything that is full of goodness with almost zero fat/sugar) like salmon, blueberries and salad (Mon-Sat) but on Sundays, I like to indulge in anything rich in flavour, spices or just something I've never tried before.

Things I like to do in general include reading facts about animals. I am a huge animal lover and have had many pets over the years. I love to visit the Zoo, Aquariums and animal Farms. I also enjoy reading/researching psychology. I find it fascinating and very educational.

To relax, I like to watch black and white movies or cartoons.

Thank you so much for your time and possible consideration.


Andrew Wilson
January, 2012
Vivacom has helped me secure a great position with an excellent academy in Gyeonggido. I have been here since October, 2011 and been loving every minute of it. Right from the beginning I felt sincerity and honesty when dealing with Vivacom. They were always very quick to reply and provided a exceptionally professional service. I am very happy with my Hagwon, they were handpicked by Vivacom to suit my n...(continued)
David Case
September, 2011
I recently could get a good position in Incheon owing to VivaCom. I really appreciate it. The website of VivaCom was very helpful in answering many of my questions. I got a lot of information from VivaCom to find a good position. I am now a Viva member. I have already recommended VivaCom to three of my friends because VivaCom was incredibly helpful. They also realized how good the Extra Income System ...(continued)