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JA No. : 3602
 Name *V/Andrew Norman/티칭경력: 한국6개월
 Gender Male
 Age 24
 Marital Status Single
 Major subject History
 Minor subject English, Classical Studies
 Information On Your College or University -Name : Nipissing University
-Location : City(North Bay) State(Ontario) Country(Canada)
 Teaching Certificate
(if you have)
 Degree You Have 4-Year BA/BS
 Nationality Canada
 Date Of Starting Work 2018.May.30
 Desired Location Medium City(Gyeonggi or Seoul/현.부천 )
 Desired Pay Per Month Not specified
 Type Of Housing Desired Single Housing
 Saturday Work Possible
 Teaching Level Desired Any level
 Teaching Experience For the past six months I have been working at a Hagwon in Bucheon, South Korea. I was teaching students in elementary school.
 Explain About Your Personality I am a very energetic and outgoing teacher. As someone who's goal is to make a career in teaching, I have found that experiences teaching abroad have been very fulfilling. My goal is to give my students the best education I can provide.
 Cover Letter
Andrew James Norman
Gyeonggi-do Bucheon-si

May 5th, 2018
To whom it may concern,
I am very interested in applying in your company to teach in Korea. I have a BA (Honours) degree majoring in History with a double minor in English and Classical Studies. It has always been my intention to pursue a career in teaching and developing young minds. I have been teaching in Korea for six months now and have found the experience to be extremely fulfilling. I have found that my energetic teaching style has been invaluable to teaching my students and keeping them invested in the lesson. I have been able to keep excellent classroom discipline, while maintaining good communication with my students and co-workers.
Throughout High School and my University degree; I was able to take part in a number of employment and volunteer opportunities that were in an educational environment where I was able to mentor, guide, and teach developing young minds.
I have been fortunate enough to have felt very welcomed by Korea and its people. I am proud of the students I have taught so far as I watched them develop and grow their English skills. This has motivated me further along my commitment to continue supporting and mentoring my students towards their future.
Andrew Norman

**이하 Resume(원본은 요청시 제공)=====================
BA (Hon) - Major History, Minor English, Minor Classical Studies
Nipissing University: Ontario, Canada. Graduated 2016.
High School Diploma
Keswick High School, Graduated 2011
Work Experience
XXXX Hagwon
November 28th 2017-May29th 2018
● Worked with students in Elementary School with varying levels of English, developing English language skills through classroom discussions
● Motivated and nurtured students desire to improve their English skills by creating an interactive and engaging classroom environment
● Prepared for lessons and implemented methodology designed around forming a classroom discussion in English, ensuring student comprehension of the lesson material
● Taught lessons successfully while communicating solely in English, to assist in students building their English comprehension skills
● Grade homework on a daily basis while giving the appropriate commentary needed to assist in student success
Tutors in the Classroom
May-June 2016 (Grade 3/4)
May-June 2017 (Kindergarten)
● Worked with students struggling to meet the provincial standards in 1 on 1 and group settings
● Required to draft and carry out lesson plans throughout the school day to ensure student success
● Prepare evaluation for students, as well as report student progress to administration
● Assisting homeroom teachers as an aide in the classroom, available to ensure student comprehension

Yorkwood Veterinary Clinic
June-August, December 2015
June 2016-April 2017
● Provided exceptional customer service, ensuring that all clients are pleased and cared for in an efficient manner
● Educating client about their pets needs, displaying compassion and empathy
Practice Teaching Placements
February 2012, May 2012 (Jersey Public School Keswick ON - Gr 4/5)
November 2012, May 2013 (W.J. Watson Public School Keswick ON - Kindergarten and Gr 1)
● Observed and participated in the daily routine of Grade 6, Kindergarten, and Grade 4/5 classes
● Responsible for creating and carrying out lesson plans for a specific subject
Keswick Presbyterian Church - Keswick ON
May-August 2014 (Coordinator - Children’s Summer Programs)
June-August 2013 (Co-Coordinator - Children’s Summer Programs)
June-August 2012 (Co-Coordinator - Children’s Summer Programs)
June-August 2011 (Volunteer Group Leader)
● Leader for Children’s Worship on Sunday mornings. Create lesson plans including story, games and crafts weekly.
● Coordinate weekly camp for Children’s summer program
● Training Counselors in leadership and lesson organization.
● Planned and supervised fun and creative methods of teaching lessons while maintaining a positive learning environment
● Liaise with parents and community members
● Coordinate and organize donations

Woori Park - Co-Teacher
Phone: 010-9891-

More references available upon request.


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