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JA No. : 3583
 Name *AM/Daniel
 Gender Male
 Age 23
 Marital Status Single
 Hobby Jiu-Jitsu, Lacrosse, Horse Riding, Cycling, Photography, Piano & Guitar, Craftsmanship, Falconary
 Major subject Computer Science
 Minor subject
 Information On Your College or University -Name : Unniversity of Kent
-Location : City(Canterbury) State(Kent) Country(United Kingdom)
 Teaching Certificate
(if you have)
 Degree You Have 3-Year BA/BS, MA/MS Doctorate
 Nationality UK
 Date Of Starting Work 2018.Jun.01
 Desired Location Not specified(Seoul, Busan, Daegu, Daejeon, Gwangyang, Cheongju, Pyeongtaek, Paju )
 Desired Pay Per Month Not specified
 Type Of Housing Desired Single Housing
 Saturday Work Not specified
 Teaching Level Desired Any level
 Teaching Experience ** Teaching Assistant

During my undergraduate studies I worked as a teaching assistant under assistant lecturers who ran seminars and terminals. The role focused on providing supportive content to undergraduate students and working closely with faculty staff to adhere to student needs. I taught in a team of 3 staff, teaching programming and functional electronics classes of 30-40 students for 2-3 hours at a time.

We marked, lectured and led the classes while having regularly meetings on the students progress. If a student struggled we would allocate time to helping them mature their skills and push through the challenges ahead. Struggles ranged from confidence, maths and general lack of grasping certain concepts.

This role provided me with an understanding of identifying students who are not always outspoken about their difficulties and giving students who are more fluent in the tasks extensive content to help guide them further.

** Assistant Lecturer

While studying my MSc in Advanced Computer Science I was asked by the director of teaching to assist and provide supportive materials to the school. The school ran seminars, terminals, conferences and private tutoring for students studying the core undergraduate subject of computer science. As an assistant lecturer my task was to lead and support students in these events by lesson planning, private tutoring and identifying what requirements were needed for a student to succeed. Not only did I lead these students in classes but I marked and peer reviewed my colleagues marking of our students.

I was often asked to run a scheduled “homework club” event, in which students who had been set assignments could come for support. This event often had a number of higher tier undergraduate students assisting me in the large classes we ran. I would often provide mini tasks and solutions if I found a select number of students struggling with a common problem. These tasks aimed to address the problem in a progressively more complex manner, by starting simple and over succession increasing in difficulty to challenge students of various capabilities.

At times I led security conferences to the “Cyber Security Society” in which I led hour long lectures and tasks for the members to engage with. An example being when I taught the members about reverse engineering software and typical methods used to crack software encryption.

From my experience as an Assistant Lecturer I learnt how to plan, lead and work with various levels of students. Engage with staff from the faculty and review my fellow teachers as well moderate their marking. Through marking students work directly and leading in-class examinations I fed back into understanding and working my students strengths and weaknesses.

** Private Tutor

Alongside my lecturing experience in classes I was asked during the exam period to privately tutor several students individually as well as in groups. This allowed me to have extensive periods of time working with students who struggled with various topics and concepts across the course. I tutored several groups of second year students in small lecture theatres where I actively encouraged them to participate by solving problems on the whiteboard. What allowed this environment to flourish was that every student involved was there of their own consent, and I encouraged all of them to help each other and ask any questions they had; no matter how small the question felt.
 Explain About Your Personality I’m an enthusiastic individual who has experienced rural and city living alike. During my childhood II was an avid agricultural member of society, rallying my skills in horse riding, tennis and gardening. In my later youth I studied the arts of music and photography which tuned my appreciation for varying cultures beyond the United Kingdom. While studying at university I taught and tutored lecture theatres, seminars and individuals which developed a passion inside myself; the desire to teach and pass knowledge onto others. Teaching others is a craft and love of mine, being able to bestow intelligence and capability onto others; encourage confidence and desire. It truly is a fantastic feeling to see students succeed through the guidance of knowledge.

In my young adult life, I actively participate in agriculture on the farm that I’ve spent many years nurturing, sparring in Jiu Jitsu; a reliant martial art, honing my photography; with a hint of music theory, and finally adhering to my cultural desires of learning about the world.

I worked on a highly guarded military project where we designed and built GPS satellites for civilians and military alike. While the project was incredible and encouraging, I felt a strong desire to pick up my teaching skills and travel far east to a country of spectacular nature.
 Cover Letter
Dear Sir/Madam,

At university I experienced independence like no other and actively engaged with various societies and students. In my social life I was participating in jiu-jitsu, lacrosse, salsa and the cyber security society. All aside salsa I held committee roles, ranging from travel secretary to lead reverse engineer. I glimpsed teaching whilst at University, I started small but soon had a taste for helping and nurturing the skills for others. Initially I was a UCAS Ambassador who worked closely with lecturers and postgraduate students to organise and maintain UCAS events for applicants. Later I was an Assistant Lecturer, leading lectures, marking work and privately tutoring students under the guise of a mentor and friend. In between I held various teaching roles that led me to this summit, but in the end, I felt more alive than ever before; by teaching and involving myself with my students. As my university education came to an end after receiving a first-class honours in my BSc and a distinction in my MSc, I felt like an element to my life was missing. The passion I had accrued from teaching, learning and experiencing others progression was missing. Suddenly as a young adult with much to offer I wanted to go see the world, explore culture and carry on my drive to bestow knowledge onto others.

While working for CGI I was a consultant for project Galileo which aimed to provide the European member states of the EU with advanced and secure GPS satellites for civilian and military use. The project lead by the European Space Agency was based in Belgium but had multiple countries actively contributing. While the project was exciting, I knew that I couldn’t stay in this one role for much longer. I desired to see the world and carry my passion of teaching forward.

South Korea is a country of rich historical beauty with incredible natural landmarks of both cultural and environment. Each city is within reach of another city through public transport and offers a homogeneous experience throughout. It’s possible to see so much of the world through South Korea such as taking a ferry to Japan or traversing to islands dotted along the southern coast. Throughout my life I had visited parts of the world from leisure to business, often wishing I could stay longer and take in the natural beauty of the country. From interviews with Microsoft in Norway to skiing in Megève in France, I always found myself wishing to go further and explore more. Owing to the connections that English-speaking countries have with distant eastern counterparts, this desire is no longer a dream but a very real possibility that I desire to seek out. With all of this, the desire to view the cultures of the world and to carry forward my knowledge and passion of teaching. I strongly believe that I’m a worthy candidate of taking on a role of teaching at one of the many schools given.
Faithfully yours,

Daniel Andrews

**이하 Resume(원본은 요청시 제공)===========


Throughout my studies I assisted in teaching, from giving lectures and presentations – to running workshops, seminars and private tutoring. I consistently pushed myself to be a respected and hard-working member of the sciences faculty. Now I look to take my knowledge and passion to the world, hoping to provide the same professional qualities that I have demonstrated prior.

I’m an avid tinkerer, martial artist and traveller. Growing up on a British Dressage farm and seeing various cultures surrounding us gave me a great appreciation for the world at large.


2016-2017 University of Kent, Canterbury, Kent
MSc Advanced Computer Science, Distinction

The masters provided extensive knowledge on cyber security, with the dissertation research focusing on experimental keylogging technological through acoustic side-channel attacks with smartphones.

2013-2016 University of Kent, Canterbury, Kent
BSc Computer Science, First Class Honours

The degree focused on core fundamental concepts to computers, technology and software design principles. All manners of topics were covered from databases to user interface design and cryptography.

2011-2013 The College of Richard Collyer, Horsham, West Sussex

• A Levels: Photography(B), Electronics (C), Computing(C), Media Studies(C)
• AS Levels: Thinking and Reasoning (B)

Sep ’12-Feb’ 18 CGI, Space and Defence Sector, IT Consultant (Systems Architecture Engineer)
Working on project Galileo which aimed to provide advanced GPS satellite systems to the European Union member states, military and civilian for the European Space Agency. Roles included:
• Automation of subsystem to allow the client to automate the installation of core components of the ground facilities for Galileo.
• Upholding the development and testing environment for other teams on the project.
• Travelling to onsite ground operations (navigation and military bases) to meet and assist the client in creating and maintaining the systems in use.
Sep ‘15-Jul’ 17 University of Kent, School of Computing, Assistant Lecturer
Leading seminars and terminals for undergraduate students, preparing them for assessed coursework which correlated to their degree; then marking their results and providing feedback. Tasks included:

• Lesson planning, classroom engagement and feedback for marking.
• Private tutoring with students that struggled with given content.
• Staff faculty meetings for material covered, student progress and teaching tactics.

Sep ‘15-Jul’ 17 University of Kent, School of Computing, Private Tutor
Requested by the director of education for the school of computing to tutor several students in core concepts to the degree. Private sessions were strictly 1 on 1 and topics were mandated to help push the students in the right direction on subjects they struggled with.
Sep ‘14-Sep’ 15 University of Kent, School of Computing, Teaching Assistant
Working with lecturers and assistant lecturers to provide lesson plans, marking and in-class examination monitoring.

Dec '12-Jul'14 AddOnGaming, Software & Video Games Developer, Director

At the age of 18, myself and a close colleague started a company called AddOnGaming that provided servers and exclusive development tools for the video game ‘Minecraft’. Throughout this period some of the experience and tasks included:

• Utilising Java for client development.
• Maintaining the company website, providing payment gateways, forums and presentation.
• Providing and maintaining servers for clients, testing and feedback.
• Employing databases to handle records and logs for clientele.
• Securing and mitigating security threats such as DDoS attacks and Social Engineering.
• Providing a high-quality service to clients from all over the world, most notably North America.
• Working with teams of volunteer staff, to guide their careers within our start-up.


• UK Driving licence.
• University Ambassador and UCAS representative to foreign students.
• SC clearance to work on sensitive projects.
• Active Capture the Flag/Jeopardy/Attack and Defend participant for security events.
• Virtual Reality enthusiast, owning several headsets and developing experimental IOT applications for them.
• Agriculture, cooking, cocktails, photography, jiu jitsu, horse riding, guitar and skiing.


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