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JA No. : 3572
 Name @V/John
 Gender Male
 Age 26
 Marital Status Single
 Hobby Tennis, Jogging, Music, Reading, games
 Major subject Human Resources/Journalism
 Minor subject
 Information On Your College or University -Name : University of Queensland
-Location : City(Brisbane) State(Queensland) Country(Australia)
 Teaching Certificate
(if you have)
 Degree You Have 4-Year BA/BS
 Nationality Australia
 Date Of Starting Work 2018.Mar.26
 Desired Location (Seoul/Bundang/Bucheon)
 Desired Pay Per Month
 Type Of Housing Desired Single Housing
 Saturday Work Possible
 Teaching Level Desired Kindergarten, Elementary school, Middle School
 Teaching Experience No formal teaching experience, but have trained numerous people during my various jobs. Also participated in a program at University where I held casual group conversations sessions with foreign speaking students.
 Explain About Your Personality I would describe myself as a passionate and hard working person with a laid back humorous outlook on life. Most people would say that I am incredibly patient and very understanding, and that one of my main passions is helping people.
 Cover Letter
To Whom It May Concern
I am a recent University graduate who has completed a 120hour TEFL course and would like to be considered for the opportunity to be an English teacher. I am Australian born and raised and have a strong desire to teach English in South Korea, as it is a country that I have always had a strong interest in.
During my time at University I participated in a program where myself and another native English speaking student would regularly meet with foreign students who weren't proficient in the English language and tutor them with various activities such as group chats and one on one conversations.
This program gave me valuable insight into the issues that many foreigners have when they move to a country whose language they don’t speak. It also provided me with me with some useful skills required to help and teach conversational English.
Participating in this program made me realise how fulfilling on numerous levels teaching and helping people speak a new language could be, and ever since I completed it I knew that it was something I wanted to pursue more actively.
I also participated in some charity work with the Childrens Hospital Foundation whereby I assisted the foundation in setting up numerous events for the children as well as reading/playing/helping the children in some of the events which was work that I found incredibly fulfilling on a personal level.
I am confident that my studies in Journalism and Human Resources has strengthened my already excellent English writing and communication skills as well as many others which would be useful in a teaching environment.
During my years of study, I also worked at numerous retail jobs in which I gained knowledge and skills required to be an effective and reliable employee which I believe demonstrates my value as an efficient employee. I also regularly helped train and look after new employees which highlights my ability to be a leader.
I have always had a passion for helping others and believe it to be one of the greatest things a person can do. Teaching English abroad is a goal and dream I have had for a while and I hope that I get the opportunity to show you how worthy of a teacher I can be.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.
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