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JA No. : 3557
 Name *DN/Carol Torres Tamayo
 Gender Female
 Age 26
 Marital Status Single
 Hobby Language learning
 Major subject Microbiology
 Minor subject
 Information On Your College or University -Name : University of Otago
-Location : City(Dunedin) State(Otago) Country(New Zealand)
 Teaching Certificate
(if you have)
 Degree You Have 3-Year BA/BS
 Nationality NewZealand
 Date Of Starting Work 2018.Mar.02
 Desired Location Big City(Seoul and Daejeon/현:충북)
 Desired Pay Per Month 2.2 and above million won
 Type Of Housing Desired Single Housing
 Saturday Work Impossible
 Teaching Level Desired Kindergarten
 Teaching Experience 2015 - Japan
- I worked approximately one year and a half at an academy in Japan teaching students from elementary age to adults.
- I did a variety of lessons such as: conversation, essay, play based and exam preparation
- Worked individually without assistance

2017 - Korea
- Currently working at 3 public school in Yeongdong, Chungcheongbuk-do teaching students from 3rd to 6th grade
- We follow the school curriculum but prepare additional materials to support the students
- I mostly teach unassisted and occasionally with a coteacher.
 Explain About Your Personality I consider the main aspects of my personality to be motivated, considerate and patient.
Despite having a comfortable job in Japan, I was really motivated to improve my teaching skills by challenging myself with a new experience and decided to move to Korea to teach at public elementary school.
I'm considerate of those around me, especially in the work place. I take into consideration not only myself but the people around me when I make decisions.
Lastly, a big part of my personality is patience. Teaching young children has especially ingrained this in me. I have learnt to be patient with students who are slow to learn or have behavioural problems. This trait has really helped enjoy my job as well as to show fairness to all students.
 Cover Letter
Within one week


David Case
September, 2011
I recently could get a good position in Incheon owing to VivaCom. I really appreciate it. The website of VivaCom was very helpful in answering many of my questions. I got a lot of information from VivaCom to find a good position. I am now a Viva member. I have already recommended VivaCom to three of my friends because VivaCom was incredibly helpful. They also realized how good the Extra Income System ...(continued)
Katie Newman
August, 2011
My name is Katie Newman and I am currently a Viva Member. I had the privilege of working with Dave Shin (director of VivaCom) for one year at a very well respected academy in Gyeonggi-do. We worked side by side as ESL teachers, encouraging and teaching students of all ages to be more confident in their English abilities. Dave Shin is a very strong and determined man who cares about others and is dedica...(continued)