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JA No. : 3528
 Name *AM/Jack Louth
 Gender Male
 Age 23
 Marital Status Single
 Hobby Martial Arts
 Major subject Applied Sports Science
 Minor subject
 Information On Your College or University -Name : University of Edinburgh
-Location : City(Edinburgh) State(Edinburgh) Country(Scotland)
 Teaching Certificate
(if you have)
 Degree You Have 4-Year BA/BS
 Nationality UK
 Date Of Starting Work 2018.Feb.01
 Desired Location Big City(Seoul)
 Desired Pay Per Month Not specified
 Type Of Housing Desired Single Housing
 Saturday Work Not specified
 Teaching Level Desired Any level
 Teaching Experience No
 Explain About Your Personality I am a hardworking, active and friendly person who would love the opportunity to teach abroad. I am particularly patient and always strive to deliver the best possible learning environment so that my students may attain superior results.
 Cover Letter
Dear Sir/Madam,

I am applying for an English teaching position in Korea as I am passionate about helping others learn and would welcome the opportunity to further my own education, and knowledge of Korea.

Prior to studying at University I worked part time as a self employed tutor for GCSE students. This was a very enjoyable and highly rewarding job as I was able to directly observe the progress that my pupils were making and felt a personal sense of accomplishment when they achieved their respective GCSE’s. I believe that the skills I developed as a tutor are directly transferable to a position as an English Language teacher. Planning tutoring sessions meant that in order to complement each pupils school education, I had to maintain an awareness of my pupil’s work load and progression in school, along with GCSE requirements. Also taking into account any weak areas that they may have been struggling with. As I already have experience in planning lessons I will be able to carry this out with ease as an English language teacher and would be able to structure lessons accordingly. Furthermore, I was able to motivate and enable each individual to achieve what they previously thought they were incapable of. I believe this could easily be applied to a group setting in the classroom.

Moreover, I have worked with children during several part time jobs, which was both exciting and challenging. When coaching children in the sports of Boxing and Judo I undertook a highly responsible role as the safety of each child was of paramount importance. Something which I will carry with me into the position of language teacher. I also developed a style of coaching that would engage pupils on a group level, but also allow me to work with individuals that were struggling, without hindering the learning of others. Furthermore, when working with children in these environments, which are often perceived as aggressive, it was important to me to maintain a neutral atmosphere and that should a conflict arise, it was resolved in a civil and calm manner. I believe conflict resolution is a very important skill for any teacher.

In addition, whilst at university I have regularly been required to present numerous research findings to board members of universities and sport governing bodies, in an articulate manner. A skill which I believe will help me in conveying the English language through a coherent and understandable approach. I am very organised with excellent time management. Whilst in my final year of university I have managed to allocate enough time to prepare for an upcoming boxing bout, complete research for/and write my dissertation, complete other university course assignments and maintain employment in a popular restaurant.

Working in Korea greatly appeals to me. Whilst working alongside many Koreans I have been exposed to the Korean culture, a culture in which I have a strong interest. I already have a basic level of Korean and can read the Korean alphabet. Often watching Korean films in order to help further my knowledge of the language.

I am hard working, dedicated and highly ambitious, which is why I believe the role of an English language teacher in Korea is suited to me. I welcome the opportunity to discuss this role further and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours Sincerely,
Jack Louth
Jack's Cover letter for Korea.docx


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