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JA No. : 3384
 Name @DN/Sophie
 Gender Female
 Age 24
 Marital Status Single
 Hobby Fitness
 Major subject English Literature
 Minor subject
 Information On Your College or University -Name : University of Reading
-Location : City(Reading) State(Berkshire) Country(UK)
 Teaching Certificate
(if you have)
 Degree You Have 3-Year BA/BS
 Nationality UK
 Date Of Starting Work 2017.Jul.01
 Desired Location Not specified(Gwangju, daejeon)
 Desired Pay Per Month
 Type Of Housing Desired Single Housing
 Saturday Work Not specified
 Teaching Level Desired Kindergarten, Elementary school, Middle School
 Teaching Experience Yes - I private tutor beginner and advanced adults who are native Russian and Polish speakers.
 Explain About Your Personality I am an energetic, determined and organized individual with a natural instinct to inspire others to achieve their very best, too. I thrive off new challenges and coping under pressure. I like meeting new people from many cultures and backgrounds and I enjoy building new friendships.
 Cover Letter
I am interested in teaching English in South Korea within a private English Language school to Kindergarten and/or elementary students because while it has been rewarding to teach English as a foreign language to adults,, I would like the first stage of my teaching career to equip secondary school students with the language skills needed to improve their career prospects later in life. My teaching style is energetic, fair and professional which I believe is the best combination for kinder/elementary students.

I have chosen South Korea specifically because it is the perfect balance between being rooted to cultural heritage, while being home to one of the largest metropolitan cities in the world. I also want to learn about its traditions, beliefs and customs that are different to where I am from, so I can develop my cultural awareness. I also know that its education system is ranked 2nd, globally, and I want to teach somewhere that values education as much as I do.

I am a good candidate for this position because I hold a TEFL Certification with practical experience teaching foreign and second language English learners. I was also part of the prestigious Student Tutoring Programme at my university, teaching 13-14 year olds for 12-weeks which earned me five extra credits towards my degree. Since high school, I have had the aptitude for the English Language which has led me to develop outstanding communication skills. I am a high-achiever with leadership skills, which shows that I can motivate students to achieve their full potential.

Through tutoring, I have learnt how to be patient with my foreign language students when teaching difficult topics for the first time. With my student who was beginner and a native Russian speaker, it was a challenge to make him understand the lesson objectives, as well as the content. I quickly learnt that it is better for students to understand one aspect of the lesson plan well, than to complete the lesson without checking their understanding of the topic.

Other specific skills that I can bring to the teaching role is my experience working in communications. On a daily basis, I interact with global clients – from Qatar to Singapore. I understand how important it is to speak a common language in order to develop long lasting business relationships. In my current role, I enjoy training and mentoring junior members of staff, and developing my skills as a positive role model - these qualities will enable me to become a capable and respected teacher.

Finally, through travelling aboard on my own and without speaking the language of the country, I have learnt how to adapt to challenging situations through using my interpersonal skills to make friends. This experience will enable be to settle comfortably during my first few months in South Korea.
I am available for an interview as soon as possible, and can start a teaching contract from the end of June/ beginning of July.



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January, 2012
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Michael Mosier
August, 2011
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