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JA No. : 3381
 Name @DN/Sarah Yun
 Gender Female
 Age 21
 Marital Status Single
 Hobby Reading, hiking, traveling
 Major subject Psychology
 Minor subject Human Development & Family Sciences
 Information On Your College or University -Name : The University of Georgia
-Location : City(Athens) State(Georgia) Country(USA)
 Teaching Certificate
(if you have)
 Degree You Have 4-Year BA/BS
 Nationality USA
 Date Of Starting Work 2017.Aug.01
 Desired Location Medium City(Gwangju, Daegu, Any cities near Seoul)
 Desired Pay Per Month Not specified
 Type Of Housing Desired Not specified
 Saturday Work Possible
 Teaching Level Desired Elementary school, Middle School, Any level
 Teaching Experience I have been tutoring and teaching students for about 5 years. I have worked as a Reading and Math tutor with a program called America Reads at the University of Georgia to facilitate literacy rates and reading comprehension in elementary schools. I also traveled to South Korea in 2015 to work with elementary school kids in a city named Yangsan, where I served as a head English instructor. Both of these jobs included intensive training sessions to understand different methods of teaching based on individual students' abilities. Besides these experiences, I have also tutored various students from elementary to high school levels, from kids I babysat to peers who asked for help with papers and assignments.
 Explain About Your Personality I am a passionate, hard-working, reliable person with a great attitude and creative personality. I absolutely love working as a teacher, no matter what grade level. I have a very strong work ethic when it comes to teaching and I always encourage my students to work hard as well. I have a friendly, easy-going personality and I am able to get along with students and other teachers easily.
 Cover Letter
English Teaching Position in Korea

To Whom It May Concern,
Hello! My name is Sarah Yun and I am currently a fourth-year student graduating this May from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology as well as a minor in Human Development and Family Sciences. I am writing to express my interest in being considered for an English teacher position. I believe that I would be excellent for this job, and my previous work experience has trained me to gain the skills necessary to succeed.

Ever since I was a junior in high school, I have had experience with tutoring. I started out as a peer tutor, helping my classmates in Language Arts, History, and Psychology. I mainly focused on helping them write essays, since that was an area that I was very strong in. Specifically, grammar and spelling have always been one of my areas of strength, and I would help my peers through proof-reading and teaching them ways to improve their papers. I also had multiple kids that I tutored, ranging from elementary to middle school, and I would work with them on various subjects, assignments, and projects.

Working as a tutor for my peers and kids I babysat was what pushed me towards working as a Reading and Math tutor when I entered college at UGA. I started working for America Reads, where I received training on improving reading and comprehension skills in elementary school students. Sometimes, I would work with students one-on-one, and other times I would have small groups of 3 or 4, and I would help them with vocabulary, reading, spelling, etc. I found a passion for working with and teaching young kids during this time, and I learned many useful skills that I could use as a teacher.

I also served as a head English instructor for a class of elementary school students when I went to Korea in 2015 with a program called Bridge to America. This experience truly opened my eyes to what it takes to teach a class. I learned the importance of taking leadership, working under pressure, and connecting with others in an encouraging way. It was an amazing feeling to really feel like I was making a difference in these students’ lives, and I grew much more confident in being able to lead a classroom.

I believe that my experience working with students in both America and Korea has given me the qualifications to serve as an English instructor. If you have any questions about my experience or skills, I would be happy to answer them! Please feel free to contact me by phone at 678-717-70or through email at sarahy. Thank you so much for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing back from you!


Sarah Yun

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