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JA No.    성별   
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JA No. 강사 국적 나이 강의레벨 희망날짜 희망지역 현재상태 조회
USA 26 Any level 2017.Oct.01 Not specified 채용되었음 170
USA 25 Kindergarten, Elementary school, Middle School 2017.Oct.10 Not specified
(Busan, Gwangju, Sujigu)
채용되었음 188
USA 33 Elementary school, Middle School, College Students/Adults 2017.Sep.04
(Seoul, Ilsan, Suwon, Anyang, Bundang, Chungju)
채용가능 165
Canada 26 Any level 2017.Dec.01 Big City
(Busan only please/현:부산 )
채용가능 265
Canada 25 Any level 2017.Dec.01 Big City
(Busan only please /현; 부산 )
채용가능 272
USA 24 Kindergarten, Elementary school, Middle School, High School 2017.Oct.16 Not specified
채용가능 279
Canada 26 Elementary school, Middle School 2017.Oct.16 Medium City
(Seoul, Busan, Geoje)
채용되었음 170
Canada 28 Elementary school, Middle School 2017.Oct.16
(Seoul or Busan)
채용되었음 186
USA 36 Elementary school, College Students/Adults 2017.Sep.07
채용가능 182
Ireland 25 Kindergarten, Elementary school, College Students/Adults 2017.Oct.01 Big City
채용가능 326

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Andrew Wilson
January, 2012
Vivacom has helped me secure a great position with an excellent academy in Gyeonggido. I have been here since October, 2011 and been loving every minute of it. Right from the beginning I felt sincerity and honesty when dealing with Vivacom. They were always very quick to reply and provided a exceptionally professional service. I am very happy with my Hagwon, they were handpicked by Vivacom to suit my n...(continued)
Michael Mosier
August, 2011
I know Dave Shin (director of VivaCom) very well. We have been working together at an academy in Gyeonggi-do for the past ten months. He is an ESL teacher as well. He is honest, sincere, outgoing, and has a good understanding of ESL teachers and the lifestyle. The Extra Income System of VivaCom is really ideal for ESL teachers. It’s an easy way to make some extra income. I am now a Viva Member and ex...(continued)