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You must send us the following six(6) kinds of documents to be submitted to our immigration office.

  (1) A photocopy of your passport (picture page).
    『 The validity of your passport must not expire within six(6) months. 』

  (2) Self Health Statement. (Please download its form at 'Documents Download' on the menu.)

  (3) Degree Certificates(Diploma or Degree 'Copy' with Apostille)
    - Got Apostille or verified from the Korean embassy in foreigner's home country ‘confirmation
      certificate from the university’ or ‘graduation certificate including degree achievement facts’ or ’
      ‘diploma or degree copy
    - Your full name in the documents above must be same as that of your passport.
    * The rule of submitting the sealed transcript was abolished.

  (4) Criminal Record Check with Apostille.
    ①Criminal Record Check is valid for only 6 months from the date of its issue.
    ②Consulates located in Korea cannot issue proof of criminal records to individuals currently.
    ③The Korean government is asking for a official criminal record check from your own country's
      government, but information of how to get the criminal record check document should be asked to
      your own country.

※ If obtained through consulates in Korea, please refer to the list below or the local webpage.
  - U.S. : FBI CJIS DIVISION(Federal bureau of investigations),
  - Canada: Royal Canadian Mounted Police, http://www.rcmp.ca
  - New Zealand : Ministry of Justice website, http://www.justice.govt.nz/privacy/

@All of the above informations for item No.(4) were quoted straight from the website of our immigration office.

  (5) Two(2)pieces of passport size (3.5㎝ x 4.5㎝)color photos.
   (Photos must have been taken within the past 6 months.)

  (6) Resume with correct address and contact information
  * Detailed informations about all the above documents : Please refer to 'E-2 Visa Process' on the

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