아래의 명단에서 맘에 드는 강사를 클릭하시면 그 강사의 구체적인 프로필을 보실 수 있습니다.
JA No. 강사 국적 나이 강의레벨 희망날짜 희망지역 현재상태 조회
Canada 31 Any level 2020.Mar.30 Big City
(Seoul, Bucheon, Seongnam)
채용가능 13
USA 28 Any level 2020.May.01 Medium City
(Jeanju, Jeju, or other medium city)
채용가능 47
4312 UK 32 Kindergarten, Elementary school 2020.May.04 Big City
(Seoul/현: 인천 )
채용가능 40
USA 33 Kindergarten, Elementary school, Middle School, High School, College Students/Adults 2020.Apr.01 Not specified
(Province - Gyeonggi-do/Cities - Osan, Pyeongtaek, Suwon, Cheonan, Seoul, Yongsan.)
채용가능 46
USA 24 Any level 2020.May.01 Big City
채용가능 46
USA 40 Any level 2020.Apr.01 Big City
(Busan/현: 부산 )
채용가능 43
USA 40 Any level 2020.Mar.04
(Suji, Bundang, Yongin, Gihueng Ku)
채용가능 58
USA 26 Any level 2020.Mar.09
채용가능 71
USA 36 Kindergarten, Elementary school, Middle School, Adults (conversational) 2020.Mar.15 Big City
채용가능 70
South Africa 32 Kindergarten 2020.Mar.25 Not specified 채용가능 78

Most of local academies don't like their profiles to be disclosed; thus, we are sorry that we cannot show the profiles of all our clients.

HA No. Photo Job type Teaching Level Location Start Date Salary
5467 Kindergarten Kindergarten Geaojesi gohyundong 2019.Dec.30  Not Specified 173
5465 Academy Kindergarten, Elementary school, Middle School Daejeon 2020.Jan.02  2.1-2.3 184
5460 Academy Elementary school, Middle School Ulsan 2019.Dec.02  Not Specified 230
5451 Academy, Kindergarten Kindergarten, Elementary school Siheung 2019.Jul.10  2.2-2.3 343
5450 Academy Elementary school, Middle School, High School Whaseong City 2019.Jul.01  2.2~2.4 431
5448 Academy Elementary school, Middle School Songpagu, Seoul 2019.Jul.01  2.5-2.8 444
5445 Middle School, High School Middle School, High School Mungyeong 2019.Jul.22  Not Specified 430
5441 Academy Kindergarten, Elementary school gimpo 2019.Jun.01  Not Specified 506
5414 Academy Kindergarten, Elementary school Gwangjin 2019.Mar.04   548
5394 Elementary School, Middle School, High School Elementary school 일산지역 2018.Sep.03  Not Specified 764

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January, 2012
Vivacom has helped me secure a great position with an excellent academy in Gyeonggido. I have been here since October, 2011 and been loving every minute of it. Right from the beginning I felt sincerity and honesty when dealing with Vivacom. They were always very quick to reply and provided a exceptionally professional service. I am very happy with my Hagwon, they were handpicked by Vivacom to suit my n...(continued)
David Case
September, 2011
I recently could get a good position in Incheon owing to VivaCom. I really appreciate it. The website of VivaCom was very helpful in answering many of my questions. I got a lot of information from VivaCom to find a good position. I am now a Viva member. I have already recommended VivaCom to three of my friends because VivaCom was incredibly helpful. They also realized how good the Extra Income System ...(continued)